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"Eliminate wasted time and stress searching for the best Medicare deal. Our specialized licensed team will ensure that you understand Medicare, all your options, and save you the most amount of money."

“Let’s face it, when you’re about to start Medicare for the first time, you’re the most popular person on earth.”

Three to six months prior to starting Medicare benefits, you may feel a range of emotions by all the information and sales material that’s coming your way.  

You aren’t alone.

Medicare Confusion Leads To:

  1. Enrolling in the wrong plan or not obtaining credible coverage according to Medicare’s Standards.
  2. Incurring unnecessary future penalties from the start.
  3. Choosing the wrong Medicare Pathway.
  4. Potentially spending more money than you should.
  5. Potentially missing out on extra help programs offered by various government agencies (Extra Help, Medicare Savings Program, Medicaid).
  6. Potentially missing out on important deadlines or benefit add on, changes, or deletions.

2022 Medicare's Most Confusing Contributors:

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YOU Earned Medicare, YOU Worked Hard For Medicare.

You deserve nothing but the best  Medicare Insurance that is available in YOUR State and County. 

You finally made it to Medicare age…. whoa, what a blessing!

Medicare Help for individuals with or eligible for:

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Medicare Help is provided by our licensed insurance brokers:  Medlock and Associates, Laura P. Butler Consulting, JN Medicare Insurance Brokerage, and Valero Life & Medicare Solutions via your preferred method of contact, with NO OBLIGATION to ever purchase any Medicare insurance products or other types of insurance. 

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“You’ll be glad you did.”

Your Exclusive Medicare One-Stop Help Shop:

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Easy Access to Most Medicare Insurance Companies

Your One-Stop Shop to all your Medicare Insurance Options and needs, based on state and county.

Get quotes and plan options in your zip code fast and accurately with no hidden fees and zero obligation.

(Licensed in most states and bilingual in English and Spanish). 

Learning Medicare with Medicare Medlocks

Customized Plan

Turning 65, Leaving Employer Health Plan, or received Medicare due to a disability before age 65 are a few of the many scenarios that are possible when enrolling into Medicare.

During your initial and yearly NO COST consultation, you’ll get customized plan recommendations (Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plan) based on YOUR individualized needs.

Never miss out on potential savings, different plan options in your county & state, or benefit changes.

Start to Finish Easy Medicare Enrollment

Start-to-Finish Medicare Enrollment

Our specialized team of licensed Medicare Experts will guide you every single step of the way and ensure that you have a smooth and stress free transition into Medicare.

But wait, there is more……FREE access to exclusive educational content in Medicare topics, Finance topics, Life Insurance topics, and much more informational freebies to help during your retirement years.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Word of Mouth” is the MOST POWERFUL . . . . Good old-fashioned TRUTH.

REAL people, REAL reviews, REAL results!

Just a few of the hundreds upon hundreds of happy Medicare Beneficiaries that we have helped throughout their Medicare Journey.

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“You’ll be glad you did.”

Our Specialized Medicare Team comes with ALL The Bells and Whistles . . .

10+ years of experience in the Medicare industry and relevant industries ALL under one umbrella to give you the the best Medicare advise and plan recommendations customized JUST FOR YOU

We are licensed in most states.

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Our entire team is fluent in English and Spanish

If you need assistance in any other language or for an impairment, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the email below or click here to fill out a contact me form, so we can expedite your request in a timely manner.

Extremely easy and convenient to reach any of us (Scott, Valerie, Laura, Jesus).

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Our team will ensure that YOU are treated like an individual who deserves as much time needed to understand the Medicare process and ALL YOUR Medicare Enrollment Options

You will never be pressured into any insurance plan and you will always get a true professional unbiased recommendation based on your individual needs and circumstances. 

We only represent financially stable A-rated companies, rated by A.M. Best, Fitch, Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA), Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. 

Independent Insurance Brokers have the ability to choose which insurance companies to represent, contract, and do business with.

Every year, our team evaluates our portfolios for the services we offer, based on client feedback, financial stability ratings, star ratings issued by CMS, customer service, rate increases, and other factors that can impact whether we add a company or no longer represent it.  

This way, you never have to spend countless hours doing research to make sure you are getting the best deal for your needs. 

We have access to the latest and fastest quoting tools in the Medicare Industry. 

“Who doesn’t like keeping it local when the fit is just right?”

We are third-generation, self-made, self-taught, small successful local business licensed in most states.

This keeps us on our toes and YOU are our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. 

We started our companies door knocking, looking someone in the eye  offering our services, earning their trust, and continued to take care of them ever since.  Word got out from the positive experience every person was having, and with God’s Blessing and their referrals, we could not keep up. 

All we knew is that all these Medicare Beneficiaries needed HELP FAST!  They were all feeling the same frustration and confusion.

Every year, we make a few adjustments to continue to run, grow, and give you the best, easy, and convenient experience, so that YOU have a SUCESSFUL MEDICARE JOURNEY no matter how BIG we all grow as a family. 

Customer service is everything and always treat you like family. We remember the aches and pains when our parents were first going on Medicare. 

We want to make sure we recommend to you what we would recommend to our parents and do for them every year. 

Look no further, you made the right call, and we’re the right fit.  Let’s get you on your way to the BEST MEDICARE JOURNEY


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