Are you ready for AEP 2022?

Don’t make the mistake this year and believe that you have plenty of time to “get around to it later.”

AEP 2022 will be crucial if you want to:

  • save money on your current insurance plans (Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage Plan, Prescription Drug Plans)
  • make sure all your medications are covered
  • make sure all your doctors are in the network if applicable
  • make sure you are using the right pharmacy network
  • explore all your options available in your county and state
  • Learn Safe Practices to use this AEP 2022-protect yourself and identity.

What is Annual Enrollment Period?

Annual Enrollment Period or AEP, for short, occurs once a year for Medicare beneficiaries during the time frame of October 15th through December 7th.  

Importance and Value of AEP 2022

This time of year should be a BIG deal for everyone that is eligible for Medicare for various reasons. With everything happening around the world, the last thing you want is for your healthcare to suffer because you did not make time for AEP 2022.

Who doesn’t like to SAVE MONEY?

We all know the phrase “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

 #1:  During AEP you can potentially SAVE MONEY on your Medicare Related Healthcare Costs for the year of 2022.  

There could be potential savings if you review your Medicare Supplement. You can shop different companies and plans but would have to go through medical underwriting if you don’t have a qualifying event or are in your initial election period.  

If reviewing a Prescription Drug Plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan, then you do not have health questions to answer when switching plans.

Paying too much for your prescriptions-and you don't understand why?

#2:  This AEP 2022, make sure to review your prescription drug plan.  Run all your medications, with dosage and quantity refilled at your preferred pharmacies. This will narrow down plan’s preferred pharmacy network, monthly premium costs and copays.  You can also compare plan deductibles and review the plans formulary to make sure ALL your medications are covered for the following year.  

If you need help click here and a licensed agent can help you go through each plan options in detail and help enroll you in the desired 2022 plan. 

Amazing & Easy to Use FREE AEP 2022 Checklist Click Below

Your doctor does not take your plan

Many have encountered going to the doctor to be told “We don’t take your insurance.”  

Wait a minute, don’t freak out. 

That does not mean your insurance is not good.  Simply, you are probably in the wrong plan.  This is very common. 

#3:  Be thorough.

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s.  If you are on a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will want to factor in a few variables.

  • Are you looking for a PPO, HMO, D-SNP, or PFFS plan.  Remember they are not all the same. 
  • Compare maximum-out-of-pockets, healthcare deductible, drug deductible, co-payments, and additional benefits.
  • Check the network of doctors.  Make sure that your Primary Care Physician and Specialists are under the plan’s physician network to avoid claim issues.
  • Check availability of products per county and state.


Preferred Vs. Standard Pharmacy Pricing

We all have our pharmacy of choice, but would you switch pharmacies if it saved you hundreds of dollars per year?


#4:  Explore all pharmacy options in your area. Some pharmacies are Preferred Network, while others are Standard or Out-Of-Network depending on the company that offers it and the plan.

Don’t forget to also explore Mail Order pharmacy.  Most plans have their Preferred Mail Order Pharmacy, where you can save a lot of money and time by getting your medicine delivered to your front door. 

Review your plan to see what pharmacy network it has.  This can potentially save you hundreds of dollars each year with lower drug pricing.

Standard Pharmacies charge a higher price for precription medications.  Not-In-Network pharmacies will charge full price for the prescriptions.

standard pharmacy not in network
preferred pharmacy network medicare aep 2022

Standard Pharmacies and In-House Mail Order Pharmacies will save you the most amount of money.  Many times you can get your medications for $0 Co-Pay depending on the pharmacy, medication tier, and plan.  

Most people miss out on great savings each year because they did not have their plans reviewed.  

Having an expert broker work by your side can help you navigate and compare all plans.  Insurance brokers have a multitude of companies to represent while a captive agent can only represent one company.

"Called because of the commercial, to be told it is not offered in your area...."

This AEP 2022, make sure you enroll in a plan that is offered in your area.  Many times tv commercials are ran about certain plans and companies.  When you call to enroll, you are told that it is not offered in your area.

#5:  Verify availability of plans in your county and state.  Plans and benefits can vary from county to county and state to state.  

Some states are adding more plans, while others have to pull out of county due to insufficient enrollments and other factors.

Explore all your options and be  very diligent on your research before enrolling.  


Don't Put Your Safety At Risk

Safety ALWAYS comes first.  Make sure you have a safe and successful AEP 2022.

#6:  Safe Practices this AEP 2022. 

Although it is always an amazing feeling to get the best and save money at the same time, you still have to be careful and perform safe practices this annual enrollment period.

safety first aep 2022

Few ways to protect yourself and your family this AEP 2022:

  • Speak only to licensed professionals that  you feel comfortable with.
  • Do not be pressured into making changes. Take your time and do your research.
  • Do not give any information like your Medicare ID Number, Policy Numbers, or Social Security Number unless you are certain  you are speaking with a licensed professional who has your best interest in mind.  Most applications are encrypted and or recorded.  They are extremely safe, but getting someone experience, licensed, and who know what they are doing, is another story!
  • Take notes and ask questions.  The more thorough you are, the more piece of mind you will have. 

The Takeaway from this AEP 2022

To recall, there’s a lot of homework to be done this Annual Enrollment Period 2022.  Check your medications, your doctors, your plans, and who you decide to help you.  These simple factors can potentially save you hundreds of dollars for the year 2022.  

Finish the year off strong, and start the new year even stronger and happier.  Wishing everyone a successful and smooth AEP 2022.  Please reach out if you need help.

Don’t forget to download your Free AEP Ready Checklist to help you navigate smoothly this Annual Enrollment Period.