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Annual Enrollment Period happens every year from October 15 to December 7. For more information visit the official government website by clicking here, or copy and paste https://www.medicare.gov/

Save Time and Money for next year

Annual Enrollment Period
Get your FREE AEP 2023 Ready Checklist straight to your email.  Download, print, and on your way to a successful Medicare Annual Enrollment Period for the upcoming year of 2023.  

Take advantage of this year’s Annual Enrollment Period, which runs from October 15 to December 7, 2022.  

Start 2023 saving money by making sure you are maximizing your benefits.

Annual Enrollment Period-A Little Bit of Help Goes a Long Way

Being prepared and doing your research this Annual Enrollment Period will play a vital role to maximize this season. 

It will set you up for a successful upcoming year and a continued smooth Medicare Journey.

AEP 2023 EVERYTHING You Need To Know Annual Election Period


You can START HERE with some quick informative and educational reads that can help the annual enrollment period.


Turning 65 was scary and confusing. We had constan mail, calls and people at our door prior to enrolling in Medicare.  Hearing information from so many sources left us even more confused than ever.  We were so grateful to find Medlock and Associates.  They made it simple to understand an enroll in the plan that fits our budget. Our drug plans get shopped yearly and we save money on our Medicare costs yearly. 

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