Knowledge is POWER and the beginning to a healthy state of mind

Personally don’t want to bore you with all the typical “HEY-look-at-me” biography of Scott and myself.

So, we’re going to skip all that and go straight to the point.  As some would say out here, “The Nitty-Gritty.”

Knowledge is vital because it is survival food for the brain.  Knowledge keeps your brain young, active, and can help avoid mental illness. 



Knowledge is POWER because not only does it makes your brain healthier, but it also HELPS YOU learn new skills and talents and avoid mistakes before they occur.


Knowledge is so easily attainable. Knowledge can change your entire world for the better.

I know it certainly has changed mine

Use it for positive, for learning, for educating someone else, for good.

Your voices are being heard.

We hear your questions and concerns loud and clear.–YOU want to learn.

You aren’t alone.

These days, everything has shifted to some sort of digital format for time and cost effectiveness.  

Therefore, we must take advantage of ALL the NEW tools and resources available at our fingertips.  

The Problem. . .

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 Credible “HOW-TO-” Knowledge lacking in industries.

It is not your fault or because you do not know how to do something.

The industries and companies have taken shortcuts to educate the public sector of the tools and resources already available.

Most people aren’t aware these educational tools and resources are available or know how to use them.  

Companies usually forget the empathetic factor and forget that not everyone will know or understand what they are talking about, how-to do it, or where to find these tools and resources. 

Other times they create tools and resources but they are not thorough and they speed right through it with zero patience. 

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Well, it does not work that way.  That is the problem. 

Companies and people do not take the time to test their own tools or resources and they also outsource the projects to third party organizations that may not know anything about the content or can relate to the people because they are not in the industry. 

It then creates a ripple of effects where the consumer and those promoting the products are very upset and angry that:

  1. they don’t have the right tools or resources
  2. the tools and resources they do have are outdated, have bugs in the functionality, don’t work, or are not easily accessible

I Get YOUR Frustration and CAN Relate

Times are certainly changing and they are changing quick! Change is good, IF it transitions well and you can show a mass number with different intellectual levels. 

The days where you feel frustrated because your questions are not getting answered or you get different answers for the same question, are over.

This is why I am changing that, and I will provide you credible accurate content that will educate you and put you on the path to success.

Worry no more!   With the educational, informative, accurate and verifiable  tools and resources that Scott and I will put together will definitively help you achieve positive outcomes.  

We have been through all the changes right there beside you year after year and will continue to teach you these changes as they happen.

Your excitement motivates us to get this powerful information out to you as soon as possible so you can continue to expand your knowledge. We look forward to your feedback

LET US KNOW: Knowledge is POWER for us too!

Medlock and Associates is ALL ABOUT YOU

Our loyalty is to you.

With that said, our oath is to ALWAYS PROVIDE ACCURATE AND UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION that will help increase your knowledge and give YOU SUCCESSFUL RESULTS.

We encourage you to give us feedback, ideas, or recommendations of questions or concerns pertaining to but not limited to: