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Medicare Freebies

Help yourself to our gallery of Medicare freebies.  These freebies have been created as tools and resources to help you throughout your entire Medicare Journey. 

The content is inspired by folks just like you.  Since we are out in the front lines every day, we know a thing or two on how to help with Medicare confusion, Medicare updates, Medicare savings, Medicare learning, Advise & Tips from the Pros, and so much more. 

Treat yourself to a new learning opportunity—why not, it doesn’t cost anything! 

free Medicare Enrollment Workbook

Say “Bye bye to Medicare confusion!”

Download the newest Medicare Workbook that will make your life extremely easy during the Medicare enrollment process.

Inspired by folks just like you, who felt the exact same thing.

  • Learn Medicare Basics
  • Fill-out-as-you-go worksheets to ensure proper Medicare Enrollment
  • Maximize your Medicare benefits by using all tools and resources to lower Medicare costs
  • And much more, that will help you have a successful Medicare journey.

“Welcome to the new way of doing Medicare!”

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FREE Medicare Supplement Guide


Insider Medicare Secrets You Don't Want to Miss

FREE Medicare Supplement Guide at NO COST to YOU

We’ll show you all of our actionable PRO-TIPS & SECRETS, so that you can save time, money, and energy when you use Medicare and a Medicare Supplement Plan.

FREE Medicare Supplement Guide

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Save Time and Money for next year

Annual Enrollment Period
Get your FREE AEP 2023 Ready Checklist straight to your email.  Download, print, and on your way to a successful Medicare Annual Enrollment Period for the upcoming year of 2023.  

Take advantage of this year’s Annual Enrollment Period, which runs from October 15 to December 7, 2022.  

Start 2023 saving money by making sure you are maximizing your benefits.