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Although Medlock and Associates, aka: Medicare Medlock’s is extremely known for helping folks just like you every day for New Mexico Medicare. However, we are licensed in most states and do carry most Medicare Insurance Options per county and state.

Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans…..yup, that’s our specialty for the last 10+ years.  

Worry no longer about Medicare. 

You have us…let us guide you every step of the way, it’s what we do best!

New Mexico Medicare

For information on ALL Medicare plans, please visit the official government website here.

“Same stress, confusion and frustration” when our parents first enrolled into Medicare.”

Scott & Valerie Medlock
Hobbs, NM

(Proud residents of both New Mexico and Texas)

We're Medicare Medlock's for a reason...

Medicare is very complex in general.  Going through the process firsthand with our parents was certainly an eye opener and a shocking experience to say the least. 

Our parents and ourselves felt the same stress, confusion and frustration when first enrolled into Medicare. We were thankful we knew what we were doing or our parents could potentially be in a bad situation.

You aren’t alone anymore!

Luckily, we have quite a few years of experience under our belts and have helped out hundreds upon hundreds of individuals just like you. 

We are confident that you will be stress free in no time!

Being known for New Mexico Medicare, we needed to expand to other states fast, due to people moving, walk-in traffic or appointments, and referrals.

Therefore, we partnered up with Laura P. Butler Consulting, Valero Life & Medicare Solutions, and JN Medicare Insurance Brokerage, so that we could guarantee that we can help everyone in most states. 

"Best New Mexico Medicare & Texas Insurance Brokers!"

In-person appointments for New Mexico Medicare and Texas Medicare

We can’t wait to help you go from stressed and frustrated about Medicare, to happy and relaxed!

Your Go-To Team for New Mexico Medicare!

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10+ years of experience in New Mexico Medicare and Texas Medicare.

We can’t wait to HELP YOU reach your Medicare and Retirement goals!

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In person appointments available for the following counties:

New Mexico Medicare – Lea, Chaves, Curry, Eddy, Roosevelt

"How Did New Mexico Medicare & Texas Medicare Help originate with Medlock and Associates?"

Using our very own parents, relatives, and family friends for case studies helped as a learning experience and a teachable moment in the growth of our company.  We became very involved with their entire Medicare enrollment process from start to finish

Both of our parents lived in El Paso, so we were very familiar with Medicare in Texas.  New Mexico was right around the corner, which we would soon find out that so many individuals in that state needed help, just like our parents. 

The final objective was always the same:

For every single individual to have the same positive and smooth Medicare process regardless of their situation or circumstances. 

Our studies included:

  • Thoroughly studied and analyzed Medicare help in New Mexico and Texas
  • Heavily researched Medicare topics, laws, and regulations
  • Collected a number of credible resources and tools and followed up on that information
  • Called Government Agencies (your best shot for accurate information and most reliable in our opinion) 
  • Compared a multitude of well known insurance companies and their Medicare Options Portfolio.
  • Compared Financial Stability and Rate History of insurance companies
  • Collected as much data as possible prior to enrolling for Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans
  • Investigated and broke down commercials on TV, radio AD’s, and countless mail received and also what we were told on the phone.
  • Took notes from agents, organizations, and companies we spoke.

The information was sometimes accurate, partial accurate, misleading, or not true at all. To top it off, some agents and reps were pushy & aggressive, and parents did not like that at all because it made them feel confused, upset, angry, vulnerable, stressed, and anxious about the whole Medicare process.  

It did not make sense why all the Medicare information was not the same and constant through different sources.  This is where Knowledge is POWER really kicks in and it proved a successful outcome for parents, relatives, family friends, referrals, and now hundreds upon hundreds of individuals.

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