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Retirement Planning without ALL the work and ZERO worry!

Make interest on your money, even after your retirement years without any risk of ever losing a  single dollar. That sure makes retirement planning EASY & FUN.

Don't let the instability of the STOCK MARKET dictate your future & the way YOU do Retirement Planning

If you are about to retire or recently retired, the last thing you want is uncertainty when it comes to your retirement money.

We understand the fear and stress of not having enough money, losing it right before you retire, and not having enough time to make it back. Especially, when it matters most in your life.

The good news is that you don’t have to lose your hard earned money.  In fact, there are retirement options available that can help make you more money without absolutely any risk.  

Every year we help people just like you continue to grow their money and protect it.  Let us help you!

The Success of YOUR Retirement Planning Matters Most

Retirement Planning

Complete Retirement Planning Analysis

Thorough financial analysis will help customize a retirement plan that ensures you won't outlive your money.

retirement planning

Post-Retirement Wealth Building

Our wide range of retirement options will enable you to continue to grow your money even after retirement years.

retirement planning short term long term success

Short & Long-Term Success

Capital preservation gives successful outcomes for short-term and long-term financial goals.



GROW Your Money in 4 easy steps:

1. Schedule a FREE Consultation

2. Discuss your financial goals and situation

3. Gather information needed to present customized financial plans of action

4. Watch your retirement account continue to grow without any risk!

This could be YOU with the right retirement planning...

Enjoying Retirement Planning

Retirement is about enjoying life and taking a break from daily routine.

Retirement is about remodeling the yard, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom you have always dreamed of.

Retirement is about traveling to places you never thought you could.

Retirement is about being wild and adventurous.


Retirement is about reading that novel you always wanted to sit down and take your time with in a cozy spot all by yourself.

Retirement is about enjoying love, life, family and friends as much as you possibly could–those laughs and memories are priceless.

Retirement is about YOU.

Don't risk losing some, most, or all of your retirement money.

You may not have the option to enjoy this  lifestyle if you are exposed to risk, or fail to have good retirement planning.

We get it!

The fear of not having enough money for retirement is a very valid concern.

We understand the importance of working hard your whole life and enjoying your retirement.  

YOU don’t have to feel this way, and YOU can do something about it. 

With the right plan of action, you don’t have to worry about:

  • not having enough money after you retire
  • losing the money you have invested 
  • not making anymore interest
  • leaving your family exposed to financial crisis

We are here to help. 

Together, we’ll put a financial plan of action that will enable YOU to continue to grow your money with zero risk.  You can continue to have the same or better quality of life worry-free!  

Now that is what retirement is about!

You have worked your whole life, and now it is time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

You will be happy and relieved that you took the next step to protect the money you worked so hard for. 

Experience a new way of living with the RIGHT Retirement Planning Options

Road to Successful Retirement Planning is only 1 click away!

Retirement Planning With Medlock and Associates:

Complete Financial Risk Evaluation

Customized Retirement Planning

Yearly Reviews

Zero Fees

Zero Risk

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We've Got Answers to Your Retirement Planning Questions and Concerns

Top Retirement Planning Questions most people ask. Last thing you want to have is doubt when you should be feeling happy and excited about retirement.

Although that is an option, the interest rate in a Savings Account are very low to non-existent. You have other options that are safe and can make more interest.

Savings Account current market rates are not usually enough to keep up with cost of living inflation.

You have your money invested because you want it to grow, not go down in value.

There are many retirement vehicles available that give you the gains of the stock market but not the down side risk. 

Depending on your financial goals, time, and risk class can help determine what retirement products are suited best for you.

There are various types of investment options.  Some include:  401K, 403B, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, TSP, SEP, Annuity, and many more.  It depends what type of work you are retiring from. 

It is never too early or too late to start retirement planning.  

There are versatile products for all ages, financial goals, and time-frames.  

It is always advised the sooner the you start, the better!