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Are You Retirement-Ready?

Enjoying Retirement Planning

Are You About To Retire?

It seems like just yesterday you were starting your first job ever.  Retirement seemed so far away and nearly impossible to achieve.

I think we’ve all said it once: “I can’t wait to retire,” as the pressure and stress of daily professional and personal life hit an all time high.

Yet, you did it and made it! 

We all get so caught up in the moment of what “we can’t wait to do or get when we retire.”

All of the sudden, we are there and then what? Those dreams and desires you once had are close to extinction and nearly impossible to accomplish.

We are left in a situation where we don’t understand why or perhaps start blaming others for the predicament you may be in.

Well, I am glad you are reading this article because you can certainly do something to avoid being in a bad situation when you retire.

YOUR RETIREMENT is a pretty big deal!

If you’re about to retire, then this article is for you. 

Retirement Planning FAQ
retirement planning

What is Retirement?

Retirement means that you are leaving your job, or breaking of service, and you are stopping working. 

Just because you retire and stop working, does not mean that your income stream needs to stop.

However, upon retirement age, you need to consider various risk factors when investing to avoid potential loses that you can’t get back. 

The complexity of retirement products available in today’s market is very broad.  All these products share 1 thing in common always:  to make you money for your retirement.

Of course, there are more shareable factors, but for today we keep it simple and only focus on: 

  • first step to track retirement progress
  • having enough money for retirement years by making money

You are not restricted to just having one product.  There are limitations as to how much you can contribute per year based on they type of product and also how it is taxed.

Many people have multiple investment products.  A diversified portfolio gives you an edge to make money from different avenues and asset classes based on classification of risk.

What Is The Key Component Of Retirement?

The KEY COMPONENT  of your investment portfolio, should be that once you have multiple investments, it’s advised that you perform annual reviews of all your investment classes and evaluate the performance based on your financial objectives. 

The last thing you want, is for one of your investments to be performing poorly and hindering your retirement objectives. Therefore, it is imperative that a yearly evaluation of your whole portfolio is performed.

Depending on your goals, age, and financial situation will help determine the type of asset class you want to be more dominant in. It will also determine the type of retirement products you purchase as some have risk, others have little risk and others have no risk but all have different results. 

What should I be looking for when getting prepared for retirement?

It is a great idea to always start as soon as you can gathering the information you need so that you always know where you, your money, and retirement goals stand.

I have included a clickable list you can update and edit anytime, to help you kick-start your retirement planning success.

The FREE Retirement Checklist is a great way to get started on the organization process. 

You will be able to:

  • See exactly how much money you currently have for retirement
  • Set goals for how much money you want to retire with
  • Track down all your investment accounts and see where they are currently at.
  • Enable you to see who you need to contact to get updated information and make applicable changes as your life progresses.  

To Conclude: Retirement Should Only Be About You

Enjoy to the fullest. 

Let’s be honest, we are on the last and most exciting chapter of our lives. You should go out with a BANG knowing you earned every single bit of it!

How do you go out with a BANG?

You go out with a bang by doing everything you have ever dreamed of and continue to make money after your retirement years, even if you don’t work a single day ever again.


successful retirement planning

Stay tuned for more PRO TIPS and Secrets to get you on the RIGHT PATH TO SUCCESS!!!


Secure Wealth Building With No Risk

Stop losing sleep at night, wondering how much money you’ve lost. 

Capital preservation is most important in today’s uncertainty.

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